Embassy of Algeria in Jakarta, Indonesia

We are very happy to wish you the most cordial welcome on the site of the Embassy of Algeria at Jakarta and to thank you for the interest which you carry for Algeria and its relations with Indonesia.

In addition to general information on Algeria and the activity of the Embassy, which also covers Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, this space – accessible in two languages, English and French – contains many hyperlinks constituting a gateway on Algeria, which will allow you, certainly, to reach other sources of information as varied as diversified on the Algerian political, economic and commercial, and cultural institutions. The bonds between the Algerian and Indonesian people – old and historical – were forged with the heroic crucible of struggle of each of our two countries for the recovering of its independence.

These relations remain marked by the acting solidarity, the close dialogue and the sharing of common values in particular the assertion of their attachment to peace and their legitimate aspiration to progress, development and prosperity.