Information for travelers to Algeria

Personal belongings
On arrival in Algeria, the traveler profits by importing duty and tax free all personal belongings, except for goods imported for commercial purposes.
Custom free import

The traveler can import custom free :

50 grams of perfume or 0,5 liter of toilet water
200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos
1 liter of alcohol or 2 liter of wine

Temporary exemption
Provided they belong to the traveler, the following products are admitted on temporary exemption: the clothes, sport devices and machines, a tent and camping objects, a pleasure boat of less than 5,5 meter and without engine, 2 cameras, a musical instrument, radio, a bicycle.

Import of other goods
Besides the products imported custom free, the traveler can import non commercial products, for personal or family use or for the exercise of a professional activity, having nothing to do with commercialization. These products are subject to a fixed taxation. This procedure excludes cars, tobacco and alcohol, jewelry, precious metals, arms and ammunition.

Formalities for vehicles
Vehicles, caravans, planes and boats are admitted on temporary exemption. To this effect, a touristic card with three month validity is delivered on arrival by the customs office. The traveler must subscribe to an obligatory frontier insurance. The international insurance card is not accepted for the purpose.

Import of foreign currency
The traveler can import, without limits, bank notes and other means of payment. However, it remains the traveller’s duty to declare by writing (on a form) the notes, the means of payment, gold, platinum or silver jewelry. Certain hotels and business do accept payments by credit card.

The customs declaration
At the time of entry to Algeria, the traveler is expected to declare imported goods and discharge the obligatory fee and taxes. This declaration can be verbal, or written when the goods relate to commerce.
Goods in bond (at customs). The traveler can deposit his imported goods in bond in the customs depot while waiting for payment of required fees and taxes and/or presenting the administrative authorization.
The traveler disposes of two months to clear the goods out of bond. This delay can go up to four months for goods subject to a special administrative authorization.