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Entering the 21st century with confidence and serenity

Under the leadership of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria is now embarked upon a vast scheme of national renewal. It is consolidating and deepening its democracy and relaunching its economy.

The country undertook structural and institutional reforms aimed at laying the foundation of a new economic system. Indeed, the legal framework have been reviewed and adapted in order to liberalize the economy and promote free enterprise. These reforms were strengthened by further measures aimed at accelerating the structuring and privatization process of state companies, at modernizing the banking system and motivating private investments.

Thus, tremendous efforts have been made to improve the economy and outstanding results have been achieved. Indeed, the economy is now growing, there is a balanced budget, foreign currency reserves are being replenished, the inflation rate is kept at low level and external debt has been reduced. Indeed, Algeria posted in 2003 a strong economic growth of 6,4% and inflation has been contained to 1,4%. The external debt has been reduced from 32 billion $US in 1996 to 20 billion $US in 2003 while the foreign reserves stand now at 31,4 billion $US compared to 4,2 billion $US in 1996.

This positive performance, which clearly indicates that Algeria is on the right path, need now to be sustained by further efforts aimed at maintaining a sustainable level of economic growth and creating employment. To this end and to build on these positive achievements, the government has put in place an ambitious plan designed to boost further the economy.

Algeria is indeed determined to ensure its successful integration in the global economy and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization. To this end, it is firmly resolved to adapt its economy to the new realities of the world. It has already liberalized the general framework of its economy and is offering foreign investors all the facilities to develop their activities.

Second largest economy in Africa, with a unique industrial and basic infrastructure in the region and a proven competitiveness of its manpower, Algeria represent today a potential and promising market. With its ideal geographic location and its huge potential out of its natural resources, the country offers indeed new attractive perspective for foreign investors.

The recent surge of foreign delegations in Algeria shows clearly that foreign partners and international financial institutions are a new manifesting a great deal of interest for the Algerian market and the business opportunities it offers.

Doing Business in Algeria

Firms and companies interested in doing business in Algeria or seeking information should contact:

• PROMEX: The Algerian Board for the Promotion of External Trade at:

Phone: (213 21) 52 20 82
Fax numbers: (213 21) 52 11 26
(213 21) 52 12 10
(213 21) 52 15 71
(213 21) 52 28 03

• CACI: The Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Palais consulaire 06, Boulevard Amilcar Cabral 16003 Alger BP 100 Algeria.

Phone numbers: (213 21) 96 77 77
(213 21) 96 66 66
(213 21) 96 50 50
Fax: (213 21 ) 96 70 70


  • Fruit juice :

Citrus fruit juice: orange, tangerine, pineapple juice
Apricot nectar
Apricot pulp: fresh fruit, with pits removed, strained and pasteurized

  • Preserved food :

Jams: oranges, apples, pears, prunes, peaches, apricots
Fresh fruit with pits removed, strained and with 62% sugar added
Dried apricot pits
Preserved small pears

  • Fruit and vegetables:

Citrus fruit: a variety of oranges, pineapples and tangerines (October to April)
Summer fruits: apricots, prunes, peaches, meddlers, grapes
Dates: small twigs, frezza, black dates, dried dates (November to March)
Potatoes: white skin, yellow skin, early produce and late season
Vegetables: zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, peppers, fennel, truffles

  • Grains and almonds:

Capers: stems in boxes, capers in brine
Sour almonds
Carob grains

  • Meat and Fish:

Escargots: live or frozen in boxes
Eels: live or frozen
Products of plant origin:

  • Perfume plants:

Jasmine and orange, essence of neroli (orange tree)

Natural cork or agglomerated cork

  • Textiles:

Voile polyester filament
Polyamide fabric for aprons
Wool cloth
Sewing thread
Cloth for shoes
Blue-jeans fabric
Mixed fabric
Fabric for ties
Silk for clothes
Silk for furniture
Fabric for blinds
Velvet for clothes
Velvet for furniture
Twine cords
Undergarments (hosiery)
Blue jeans pants
Camping tents
Camping cots
Cotton scraps

  • Handicrafts :

Thick pile wool carpets
Short pile pure wool weavings
Covers: short pile wool weavings and camel skin
Leathers and skins
Wet blue sheep: sheepskin, nap, chrome-tanned, natural or dyed
Leather vests
Leather bags (sheepskin)
Attaché cases shoes
Adidas sports shoes
Synthetic leather: woven fabric or non-woven fabric, coating of compact or expanded PVC with polyurethane

Synderme: leather plates regenerated with a latex mixture
bovine vegetables: tanned cow leather

  • Farming equipment:

Motors stations
Compressed collectors
Grain mills
Horizontal motor pumps
Hot water circulators
Industrial faucets

  • Metallic products:

Ingots to produce seamless pipes
Hot laminated reels
Cold laminated reels
Galvanized reels
Roughcast on rollers for sheet steel and sheet iron thread machine for non-alloyed steel,
cold laminated sheet metal, corrugated iron, galvanized, ribbed, galvanized plates
Pipes welded in spirals
Galvanized tread
Hematite casting for smelting
Zinc ingots
Zinc alloys
Electropolitique cadmium

Railway equipment:
Wagons for rail transportation 
cargo wagons
plain wagons
garbage wagons
covered wagons
tanks wagons
feeding wagons
spare parts, brake pads, rail casting, other replacement pieces

Rolling stock:
100 V8 bus
100 V8 bus

C260 4X2 wagons (under frame, cab)
C260 6X2 wagons (under frame, cab)
flatcar trailer
tipper trailer
oil trailer
garden flatcar trailer
tank transporter 45X60 tons
flatcar trailer 10 tons
tipper trailer 10 to 12 tons
equipment carrier 73 tons
equipment carrier 32 tons
tipper equipment 15 to 17 tons

Absorbent cotton and bandages:
Cotton to remove makeup
absorbent cotton
dental tampons
absorbent gauze strips
sterilized compresses
individual bandages
silk paper, sanitary paper
handkerchiefs, crepe napkins

Pharmaceutical products:
Disposable syringes
pharmaceutical products and various medicine, catheters, perfusion equipment, capillary dialysis, arterial dialysis lines, fistula needles, dialysis generators, various dialysis line